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GuardianEdge | Branding and Marketing Collateral

GuardianEdge came to us as a venture-funded company that was ready to take its image to the next level of maturity. Over a period of two years, we refreshed every area of the company’s brand and marketing activities—from advertising and collateral systems to a new website and social media presence. Our online and email campaigns—developed in close collaboration with in-house staff—also generated unprecedented numbers of leads, which the company told us contributed directly to its bottom line.

“Ashton and Partners contributed everything that was missing in our mid-size organization, essentially becoming an extension of our team. They became such experts in our business and in translating our vision that when my own time was limited, I felt as if I could take my hands off the wheel. This level of trusted expertise and partnership also gave my individual team members the professional creative resources they needed to work successfully as entrepreneurs.”
—Eric Lewis, Marketing Director, GuardianEdge Technologies