The letter…a good idea for AT&T

| Posted by: Allen Ashton | 17 Sep 2010 | 1 Comment

I just received a letter from AT&T thanking me and explaining how they intend to make my experience with them better. I have always been an advocate for the well executed letter…one that has real information and is signed by a real person. It feels like a potential start to a conversation. It feels authentic. The truth is I have been frustrated with the cell service of AT&T, but this letter helps a bit in changing my perception of how they are addressing the problem.

1 Comment

  1. Brian McNitt says:

    I received the same letter. To me, it’s just junk mail. More empty promises. Skip the junk mail, send me a reparations check for the years of faulty phone service. No need to huff about what you’re doing — I’ll know when the experience is better — the iPhone will no longer drop calls and my bill will be at least 50% less than it is now. Until that time, AT&T can suck it.

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